– Happy to share with you my interview in Global Dance Electronic

1. Welcome to GDE, Veluzz. How has 2019 been for you so far?

Thanks before anything. I have been at home, with my family, with physiotherapists and working on my new musical produme “Believe” radio and club.

2. Congratulations on your latest single, ‘Hail Mary’ – how long ago did you write & produce it?

“Hail Mary” I finished it in December, and it’s much more than a musical production for me. It is more than a feeling. A gift to my father, fan of the New England Patriots. I admire him deeply. She is the person who helps me most in my rehabilitation since my accident in 2015. Not one day has stopped being by my side and, to tell me that hard work and perseverance are everything in life. And it works … every day I’m better. In every sense.

3. The record would also compliment a remix, in addition to the Original version. Is this something you’re planning?

In principle, I do not plan this year to do it. Maybe for the next season of the NFL I will get the feeling to do so.

4. Tell us a little about your journey so far, as an artist?

Complicated. My day to day is shared between rehabilitation and study. Everything done from home. In April, I have a surgery of my left hand and I’m still recovering from the foot surgery last year. Despite everything, I try to enjoy what I do to the fullest. I also hope this year to have my own Club, which I will call KOMA. I’m working hard on that and I’m very excited about it.

5. How is the music scene in your homeland, right now?

In my country, as you may know, “Latin reggaeton” is what sounds the most on the radio. Electronic music grows very little by little, outside of clubs.

6. You’ve been busy of late, with releases including ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Sleepaway’ & ‘Show You’ – which for you has given you the biggest sense of achievement to date?

For what they mean to me personally, I stay with Sleepaway which is the story of my life … past and present.

7. Any plans on collaborating with other artists?

I’m on it… and I think it will come naturally. We need each other, without any doubt.

8. Who are some of your favourite recordings artists, both old and new?

From the Police productions (that I’ve grown up with) to, my admired Kygo. Thanks to his music, thanks to the creator of the Ushuahia concept, Yann Pissenem, and of course to Ivan Brión (and all the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza team) Veluzz was born. They appeared at the hardest moment of my life, my first trip, my first production “Sleepaway Instrumental”. It was just a base on which I worked for months. They filled my heart with enthusiasm and strength to start working on my own productions. Every summer since then, I travel to Ibiza because I need to give them a hug and thank them for all the generosity they shown me had and continue to…

9. And finally, what’s next for Veluzz that your fans can look forward to this year?

I will continue trying with my productions, my feelings, to help them in their day to day. To overcome problems, to enjoy when its the time, to dream, to live. To believe in oneself, as it is called my next production that will be available in May, ‘Believe’.