I was born in Madrid, on July 1, 1999. My parents, after ten years of trying to have a child, had to resort to in vitro fertilization… and, on the third attempt, to my surprise, my sister and I were born.

Having a twin sister, as is my case, is quite an experience. My childhood with her has been the best part of my life. Together, forever.

Everything was going well, my family, school, my friends, my first girlfriend, my first experiences…

But on April 30, 2015, everything ended.

My life vanished, it went black… like the story of my video clip Sleepaway. Exactly like that.

After 30 days in a coma, I woke up and I just needed to hug my twin sister (I love you Rox). She would curl up with me, in my hospital bed in the ICU, and hug me tight. I did’nt need anything else at that time. Only her.

My angel had returned with me.

My parents immediately took me home to start a new neurorehabiliter treatment, which currently I continue doing apart from taking a master in musical production that I am finishing (finally!). In all this hard process my dad and my music have been my life. First with the music of others and now with mine, I have been able to go ahead without losing a single day of having hope, confidence, without losing a single day of believing in the effort, the only way to a better future.

A future that allows me to share my music, my feelings with you and, raise our arms together as a sign of victory. Every note, each compass, gives me strength, light and desire to hug the person who is by my side at that moment. I want to smile, to give thanks to life that offered me a second chance to continue living (and I don’t intend to waste) to share, to give everything. But above all… to share. With all of you, with you.

That’s my mission.

When you think that your angel has abandoned you, write to me, tell me what’s going on and I will try to do my best, maybe the only way I know. Making music. With the hope (nice word) that it will help you like it helped me, to continue…

And when you listen to it, you feel it so yours, enjoy it so much… making you feel a little better and stronger…

And my mission, will be successfully completed.

My deep thanks to the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza team for their immense generosity with me in these two years. I love you: Manu, Arantxa, Joost, Ana and, of course, to Ivan. You are an example for me of generosity.

I also want to thank Yann for the love he showed me the night that he introduced me to Kygo. To my admired producer Kygo I can only tell him: thanks for helping me with your music in my worst moments.

By your side… Veluzz was born.