THE Interview

– Hi guys, here is my last interview in The Music Essentials –

1. Welcome back to T.H.E – Music Essentials, Veluzz! How are you?

Thanks before anything. I’m fine, recovering from my recent operation in the arm and, preparing my new production ‘Magical’.

2. It’s been a while since we last interviewed you, for your single ‘Sleepaway’ – musically what’s been happening?

Sleepaway, it will always be in my heart. The official video clip is autobiographical as I think you know. Sleepaway was a new beginning. A second life full of music and rehabilitation. From there, effort and enthusiasm in order to improve my physical condition and also my productions. To grow with them (Tomorrow, show you, Hail Mary) in every way. And this is what I am trying.

3. Plaudits on your new record, ‘Believe’ – what’s the message behind it exactly?

Do not ever give up. That is the message.

No matter what obstacles life puts in front of us. And although sometimes it seems incredible, when it seems that you have nothing left to lose, the obstacles lead us to a better, fuller, happier life. The key is to believe in yourself and not give up.

4. Tell us a little about your continued journey as an artist, any fresh obstacles you’ve faced?

It’s been an intense road for me since Sleepaway. I just arrived from performing in the final of American football at the hand of the Spanish federation. A wonderful experience to perform in a football stadium for such a large and diverse audience.

Very complicated. It took me weeks to prepare the right session for this event. I feel very, very grateful to FIFA for having me.

5. The Club mix of ‘Believe’ delivers a more dancefloor focused vibe, other than Ibiza – what’s the club scene like in Spain right now?

Believe club offers a party atmosphere during the day and at the beginning of the night. The scene of the club in general in Spain, is something more ‘dark’. In my opinion.

6. You always have an accompanying music video, are you also involved in this creative process?

Yes. And I like it a lot because it’s the way to give life, color, sensations … to my musical productions. The idea is to convey feelings, make people feel. And the music video is a tool that helps a lot in this regard.

7. What are your release plans, for the summer ahead?

Next August 1, I plan the release of ‘Magical’. A production that I especially love … I hope you like it as much as I do.

8. And finally, describe your sounds in three words?

Music is life